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Explainer animation.

How to communicate a corona homeworking policy.

Policy changes within large organizations are a challenge to communicate. Together with GreenChoice we've created a script that conveys the new company policy in a fun and easy to understand way. 

We've created joyful images to tell this story. Images that build on the core message: “You choose when you're working at home, or with your colleagues.”




Studio Rieko


Martin de Beer
Rieko Medendorp

Creative director

Rieko Medendorp

Storyboard + Design

Rieko Medendorp


Mitch Versluis
Rieko Medendorp

GreenChoice Brand Colors

Brand recognition is important, that's why we adopt the color scheme of our clients. Don't have a distinct color scheme?  Don't worry. We'll help you find the right hues that fit your brand.





Behind the scenes


The GreenChoice animation uses a mix between a cut-out and a stop-motion style as inspiration. With stock photo's, some coffee and custom created assets, we create collages for each scene in the animation. We bring life to the collages with motion and sound design.


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