Dell - Cloud Control Room - Series

Explainer Animation Series in 3 Languages

How to make cloud computing feel like a summer breeze.

When you look online and search for cloud computing, you always find the same boring images. We thought, we can do better than this. And we did. By creating a series of 3 animations together with IDG for Dell Technologies.

IDG gave us a free pass to create a visual concept that would fit the message they had in mind for the campaign. The visual concept revolves around “a single plane of glass”. The images have a tactile quality to them. We heightened this quality with the stylized hands in the animation. The hands can push buttons, flick switches and move things around the screen.

The enthusiastic voice-over gives the animations a friendly quality. The custom composed music track is the cherry on top. All elements combined make for a great end result.


Dell Technologies


IDG Global Solutions


Studio Rieko

Storyboard + Design

Studio Rieko


Rieko Medendorp
Mitch Versluis


Senne van Marissing

Project Color scheme

Recognition is important, that's why we adopt the color scheme of our clients. Don't have a distinct color scheme?  Don't worry. We'll help you by finding the right hues that fit your brand.

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

Creating a Series

Delivering 3 animations, in 3 languages, takes careful planning and smart design decisions. Every animation needs to be unique, but still recognizable as part of the series. By using recurring elements in all 3 animations and by using the same custom music track, we've created an easy to recognize series.

Animation 1

Animation 2

Animation 3

Learning about Kubernetes (Behind the Scenes)

Kubernetes? Yes. Kubernetes. When you want to visualize concepts from a highly abstract subjects like cloud computing, you need to understand them.

That's why we've learned a lot about all concepts from cloud computing for this series. Like Kubernetes (A tool to quickly distribute microservice containers) so we can visualize them. What can we learn for you?


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