Intel Xeon - Data Analytics - Series

Explainer Animation Series

How to visualize analytics workloads with nothing but dots?

When we were asked to create a series of animations for the Intel Xeon processor, our heart jumped a little. We to visualize highly abstract subjects and stories. To make the challenge even more fun, we decided to use just dots for this series.

The dots resembled workloads, users, and challenges. We created scenes and went crazy with the amount of dots. Upon importing all the dots to our animation software, we stumbled upon a little problem. Each dot lived on its own layer. That meant a minimum of 400 layers per scene.

With automation, smart usage of plugins, and a lot of waiting, we managed to get the end result we were looking for. We topped it off with a thoughtful composed music track that combines sound effects and music. The end result is mesmerizing.




IDG Global Solutions

Visual Concept

Studio Rieko

Storyboard + Design

Studio Rieko


Rieko Medendorp


Senne van Marissing

Intel Brand Colors

Brand recognition is important, that's why we adopt the color scheme of our clients. Don't have a distinct color scheme?  Don't worry. We'll help you by finding the right hues that fit your brand.

Color Scheme Animation 1

Color 4

Color 2

Color 1

Color 3

Color Scheme Animation 2

Color 4

Color 2

Color 1

Color 3

The Series

Both animations use the same visual language with a different color scheme.

Animation 1

Animation 2

Behind the Scenes

Dots, dots, lots of dots. 


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