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Explainer animation.

How to make complex software look simple?

Every complex software solution has, in its core, a simple concept. When we look at Appia the core concept is this: “Appia shows consumers who made their API and what changes occur during development. And shows producers who is using their API.”

All we needed to do was explain this concept in a simple and easy way. We developed a visual style that breathed simplicity. Showing lines of code without showing actual content. And two characters that consisted of a shape of the logo of Appia.

Together with an acoustic soundtrack, a great female voice over and happy sound-effects, the end result will make potential users of the software enthusiastic. We made Appia look simple.





Studio Rieko


Rieko Medendorp

Storyboard + Design

Rieko Medendorp


Rieko Medendorp

Appia Brand Colors

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Behind the scenes

We used a simple shape language to tell this story.  Creating something simple and easy to understand means shaving away lots of layers, removing everything that isn't helping the story. The end result looks so easy, that everyone could draw it. This makes it memorable. Exactly what we aimed for.


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