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How to explain a 'lean six sigma' methodology to all employees?

When you want all your employees to start working differently, they need to know why. What do they have to gain? What's in it for them? If you can explain these questions, working differently won't feel as such a burden.

But explaining these questions so everyone understands is quite a task. Break down complex jargon into the most simple explanations with real world language. Add visuals. And check with a small test audience if they understand the concepts behind the “lean six sigma” methodology.

If they understand the concepts, add the “why” to the story. This way, you give your employees everything they need to come to their own conclusion. Working differently is a good idea.




Studio Rieko

Visual Concept

Studio Rieko

Storyboard + Design

Studio Rieko


Rieko Medendorp


Senne van Marissing

TenneT Brand Colors

Brand recognition is important, that's why we adopt the color scheme of our clients. Don't have a distinct color scheme?  Don't worry. We'll help you by finding the right hues that fit your brand.

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Color 2

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Custom visuals (behind the scenes)

For TenneT we created a custom visual illustration style for the animations. Their old style was outdated and didn't fit the current brand values. With the new brand toolkit as our guide, we created a visual style that fit the TenneT brand like a glove.

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