Xindao - The Impact Collection

Explainer animation.

Every frame a painting, creating a bespoke look for the Xindao impact collection.

Wefilm approached us to create a unique animation that would captivate the audience of Xindao. The animation would promote the impact collection and raise awareness that sustainability claims can't always be trusted.

From the concept brief and the color scheme, we worked on a look that holds the middle ground between cut out animation and painting. All scenes are build with real photo's. We desaturated, painted and colored all photo's in the distinct color scheme.

With parallax effects, fake 3d and a 2d camera we create a look that gave a lot of depth, and gave the illusion of 3d environments while maintaining the painterly cut-out look.






Wefilm Concepts

Creative Director

Ruben Cusell


Veras Fawas

Storyboard + Design

Studio Rieko


Rieko Medendorp
Mitch Versluis


Maaike Raat

Production Assisstent

Lotte Schuurman


Rui Reis Maia

Project Color Scheme

Recognition is important, that's why we adopt the color scheme of our clients. Don't have a distinct color scheme?  Don't worry. We'll help you by finding the right hues that fit your brand.

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

Behind the scenes

If you want to create a real life looking main character in a cut-out animation, you need lots and lots of photos of an actor. Photos from different angles, with different expressions, in various poses.

We took more than 400 photos in a daylight studio to create our protagonist. Imagine the time spent removing the background from all these photos :-).


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